World-Class Certification Solutions for a Remote-First World.

AI-driven proctoring and the industry’s leading learning platform protect the integrity of your high-value professional certifications.


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A Fully Integrated Certification Solution for Customer and Partner Education.

Intellum and Honorlock joined forces to bring forward the industry’s most powerful, fully integrated, completely virtual certification solution. 

Using Intellum’s award-winning education platform to deliver training material and develop certification exams, your learners will gain the knowledge needed to advance their professional skills. 

Get all of the benefits of executing a live “brick-and-mortar” proctored exam without the cost or logistics associated with scheduling in-person testing. Honorlock’s unique browser-based approach ensures that there is no disruption to the user experience. 

With Intellum and Honorlock's fully integrated solution, you can offer and promote on-demand certifications that learners can complete at any time, from anywhere.

Watch this webinar to learn how to create and deliver world-class, legally defensible certifications in a remote-first world.




We’ll unpack what certification really is, whether it’s the right fit for your customers, and what to consider when designing a certification program.


See how Honorlock improves certification program credibility, scheduling, and data security.


Introducing the first fully-integrated certification solution designed for corporate training and education programs.

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"When structured and delivered correctly, certification programs can make a big impact on an organization's ability to drive business outcomes through education. The Honorlock and Intellum integration now gives organizations a more modern and secure alternative for certifying customers, partners, employees, and more.”


“Digital certification programs are ubiquitous in industries that need to support skill-building in cloud technologies, data and analytics platforms, digital marketing, and other areas. Together, we’ve made it possible for organizations to protect the integrity of their programs while opening them up to users across the globe.”

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Qualities of World-Class Certifications.


A Safe and Secure Exam

A high-integrity exam is a must for legally defensible, world-class certifications. Assessment features like question watermarks, monitoring time spent on questions, and question randomization allows you to design an exam that measures mastery and mitigates ‘gaming the system.

To level-up the safety and security of your certification even further, layer in virtual proctoring with Honorlock. Their locked-down browser, AI-driven integrity solution, and live proctor pop-ins further ensures the security of a remote exam.

A Great Learner Experience

In a remote-first world, the ability to offer a certification exam anywhere your learners are is table stakes. People perform best when they feel comfortable and safe. Providing an exceptional learner experience that is designed human-first elevates your program to world-class status.

Honorlock and Intellum offer online exam delivery and monitoring with a human touch: No scheduling, virtual ID checks, testing in the comfort of home. If your learner feels best prepared to take an exam at midnight, they can.

Recognition of Achievement

One of the best parts of a hard-earned certification is showing it off. With Intellum, you can create award templates and certification badges. Customize them with your branding, and even include animations like confetti or fireworks. Learners can share their award certificates and badges on third-party sites like LinkedIn.

Training and Courses

Curriculum that moves an individual learner from novice to expert on a given topic, product, or process is a best practice to pair with your certification exam. With Intellum, you can design, deliver, and track that content all within a single platform.