How Google Reimagined Retail Training.


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The Solution.

Working closely together, the Google Retail Training (GRT) team and Intellum developed a simple, engaging learning experience that strategically focused the learner’s attention on what was most important - the content.

The GRT team discovered that store associates wanted to learn more about Google products and were more than willing to dedicate time to improve their knowledge of specific products or offerings.

The Intellum and the GRT teams also recognized that a native mobile experience would drive even more value to in-store associates, where inconsistent connectivity and flexible work schedules could be obstacles to training. 

Thus, Intellum launched the industry’s first fully-functional mobile learning application. This led to a consistent experience with Google Retail Training content for every user, regardless of device, operating system, or locale. With 32 languages on the Intellum platform, GRT set up training across the globe with no problem.

As Google expanded their consumer electronics footprint from digital-only shopping experiences to having a presence in big box retail stores alongside legacy brands and other new-to-in-store brands, they needed a way to educate and train retail associates on their products.


The Situation & Challenge.

Enter a crowded consumer electronics products market, without owning stores or associates, and achieve strong global retail penetration.


See the Results.

Download the study to see how Google went from zero to global retail penetration in less than six months on the Intellum Platform.