Education Platform vs. Content Management Systems

When it comes to educating customers, partners, and employees, an education platform outperforms traditional content management systems every time.


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And the Winner is... 
Education Platforms!

Download Intellum’s Education Platform vs. Content Management Systems, and determine which solution is best for your initiative.

Active vs. Passive Learning

Every new learning initiative should have clear goals for the user and for the business, and these goals should determine which “state” is best for your users and your initiative.

It's All About Focus

The biggest difference between an education platform and a typical CMS is the degree of focus.

Customization vs. Custom Built

Make sure you weigh the differences between customizable and custom-built solutions correctly, so you make the right decision for your initiative.

Tracking and Reporting

If the goal is to make business decisions based on insights gained from the initiative, your solution needs to track and report on user activity.

Know the Difference.